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Real Estate Investing is one of the most popular ways to Invest in your future. There are many ways to make Real Estate Investing work for you; Online, Foreclosures, Lease Options, Property Management, and many others. Real Estate investors are a special breed, many are looking for an easy way to make money or to make money fast. Making money fast is not what real estate investing is always about. Now, there are some occasions that you can make money fast by investing in real estate but for the most part real estate investing will put you in a position to make money over time and if you stick with it a lot of money. The main purpose of this site is to provide real estate investing information, real estate investing downloads and real estate investing tools. Be sure to check out the downloads to find documents that can help you on your real estate investing journey. Also check out the most popular portion of the website, which is the real estate investing toolbox.

sheriff sales

Sheriff Sales

I have recently been trying to watch for sheriff sales in a few specific locations. I have found this to be extremely frustrating. First you have to go to a counties website to find a list of the properties coming up for sale. Then you need to take each address and look for it in google maps or some other… Read more →

Background Checks

The Importance of a background check

I recently read a post on MSN about how smart landlords handle renters. The biggest take away for me was the importance of a background check. I used to do background checks on every tenant, but started to not see the value in them. I felt that I could tell if a tenant was going to be trust worthy or… Read more →

Security Deposit

Setting Security Deposits

I ran across a cool site today called Landlording.tv This site has a lot of videos all dedicated to “landlording”. The video that brought me to the site was “Setting Rental Rates: Step 2. Security Deposits” as I was trying to learn a little more about Security Deposits. Go check it out, there is a lot of great information on… Read more →

Get Rich in Real Estate

The Originator of the “Get Rich in Real Estate” book

Chris Palmeri has a nice little post over on Business Week. He explains that “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and “Art of the Deal” were not the first of these types of books. In fact prior to them, William Nickerson was the author everyone read. His classic book “How I Turned $1,000 Into a Million in Real Estate – In My… Read more →